Who We Are

Parking Enforcement

 We have successfully been doing business since 2013. Our services started out as a small hobby to test the waters, but once we realized how much property managers and other business owners love what we do, our company grew. Account after account, we have perfected our technique of immobilizing cars. 

  We are legally able to patrol any property and enforce the rules and regulations in Palm Beach County. All of our employees are adequately  trained and work as a team to get the job done as teamwork is very important to us  Once we are hired, we are dedicated to fulfilling the specific requirements for each property to enforce parking rules. We pride ourselves on having excellent communication with our property managers and HOA's, with this, we can ensure that everyone is satisfied. 

What We Do

​​    With a parking service such as No Go Booting, all your issues will be solved. We specialize in controlling parking areas with limited space; such as condominiums, apartment complexes, and even single family neighborhoods. If a vehicle is violating any rules and regulations set fourth by the property, it will be booted. Additionally, if a vehicle is not registered with the property management company or homeowners associations, it is out of compliance and will be immobilized. Furthermore, in areas with limited parking, there are typically reserved spots for tenants, homeowners, and guests. Our company will make sure that cars are parked where they belong, and boot the vehicles that park in the incorrect spots. This enforcement ensures that residents and guests do not park in spaces that do not belong to them. Our service is cost effective for all tenants, owners, and guests